Yesterday evening I was test riding a bicycle that I modified for a friend. I turned off-piste, as they say in the Alps, and bounced into the fields and forests high in the hills over Lake Leelanau.  I ditched the bicycle in a sumac bramble and walked into the woods.  Within minutes I was surrounded by a congregation of morels.  

Morel and asparagus omelets are special.  It is very important that you cook your omelet with a low flame, in a fair quantity of butter.  Boil the asparagus, cut on the bias, for four minutes in salted water.  Saute the morels in butter until just right.  Whip two eggs with a bit of milk, pour into well-buttered & patiently heated omelet pan.  Add the asparagus and morels.  Do not over cook, browning is not desirable nor is dryness.  Serve imediatamente with a side of sliced and salted radishes.  Garnish the omelet with a bit of asparagus and salt al gusto.