We begin planting in the greenhouse in early March.  If we were more scrupulous we would begin in February, however we left our scruples in Mexico.  Alliums in particular can be started very early in the greenhouse and transplanted planted out in the fields prior to switching from long underwear to short underwear.  Alliums include onions, leeks, scallions, chives, shallots, garlic.  James Beard so loved alliums that he proclaimed without them there would be food, but no cuisine.   

In February, during our ambulant rambles in the hinterlands south of the border, we were in fact thinking of onions.  Allium research, it was a Loma Farm business trip.  We have come to learn that the sliced red onions with small flecks of orange at the taco stand are hot as Hades.  The orange flecks are Habanero peppers.   Our studies also revealed that diced onions are delicious in carne asada as well as tacos al pastor.