early june rains and fifteen hours of sunlight a day have catapulted the season into full speed.  we paddle, kick, plunge, dive and splash our way through these days of seemingly endless daylight.  trying to keep our heads above water, bodies above the weeds. trying to reach that feeling.  the feeling of floating in the sea or the middle of a lake with your ears under water and body stretched long.  relaxation and buoyancy. quiet and calm.

if we stay afloat and all goes just right, we will have that first autumn night. the night we turn our clocks back and the shelves overflow with tomatoes in their jars, squash piled high on counter, beans, garlic, onions, corn, cucumbers, cabbage and all other garden delights quietly and comfortably tucked away for the dark days ahead.

during those evenings when the soup is bubbling on the stove and we can barely keep our eyes open until eight pm we wonder how it was that such a short while ago, during these days of endless light, we worked full-force in the field until nine thirty at night. driven by the light and the growing list of things to do. the weeds, the pests, the chores. the more, the more, the more.

in the shares this week: spinach, amish speckled butter head lettuce, oregano, scallions, bok choy, radishes, blue hopi cornmeal