asparagus and apple trees.

it is true….we have been enjoying daily doses of asparagus on our plates this week. a very welcomed addition to our kitchen. each year we have been here at loma we have planted asparagus crowns with the intention of one day having enough for csa shares. for now, we harvest a modest amount.

this is year 2 for our apple trees in their nursery bed.  they are grafted heirloom varieties from the u.s., england and france - primarily cider varieties.  the scion wood was cut from an heirloom apple orchard in midland, michigan that has more than 1500 different varieties of apple trees.  we are slowly finding homes for the trees and will plant them out into our own orchard once we figure out just where that should be. once full size, they will hopefully produce apples for a good long many years.  nic’s goal for this project was to learn plant propagation and help preserve old apple varieties. we planted 100 trees, of which about 60% successfully grafted and a few were lost to deer. it is a wonder how life will look for us one day when we are sipping cider made with apples from the small trees growing outside of our kitchen window.